Couch Surfer Pro >> dpkg was interrupted

Hello all,

I recently brought my trusty old ATV2 out of retirement, when we installed a new tv in the guestroom.
It’s running ATV Flash (black) 2.4, on 5.3 (6105).

I had never installed Couch Surfer Pro, and figured I’d give it a go.

2 questions:

1.) Does CSP still work as advertised? Will I be able to browse the net on my ATV2 - preferably to stream some Youtube videos etc?
If no >> then I needn’t go any further.

2.) Upon attempting the installation, was met with the following error:

E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run dpkg --configure -a to correct the problem

I googled the above, and came across several hits dealing with XMBC/Kodi.
Assuming I can work out how to use Terminal to SSH(?) into my ATV2 - do I literally just ‘run’ the command line as above, or is it a bit more complex than it appears?

Would be ever so grateful for any assistance!

Apologies! Still don’t know where the Search Forum function is, but scrolling led me to a thread with the answer.

Used Cyberduck to connect, and deleted the dpkg files. Tried again, and it worked. Joy. All good now.

Just have to find a browser option that doesn’t involve Flash now. Was hoping DuckDuckGo would work - but stifling to work out how to view inside it, as opposed to going to Youtube. But will have a looksie. Thanks regardless.

I’m having the same problem but I am not real computer savvy ! If someone could explain how to fix this in kindergarten terms I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thnx