Couch Surfer New Menu Name

In previous versions Couch Surfer has appeared in the main menu as ‘Internet’. In the new AppleTV 3.0 version Apple has created a new ‘Internet’ menu item which features YouTube and Internet radio. This means Couch Surfer will have to appear as something else. We’ve got a few options, but wanted to give you a chance to voice your opinion.

Vote in the poll, or let us know what else you’d prefer in the comments.

Is there anyway you could get Couch Surfer to appear under Apple’s new ‘Internet’ menu? I suspect this would be difficult as it would involve altering an Apple menu item, but if possible, it would be nice to have it there rather than a new menu item.

I rather see Couch Surfer up on the menu but… it probably takes up too much space?

So… “Browser” would probably be best.

Add it to the Boxee/XMBC menu, and rename that menu to ‘Apps’ or something…

Unfortunately it needs to be a separate menu item.

I’d just like to get Couch Surfer working first. Nothing!

FYI, it’s getting closer to being release ready.

I hope you’re right about the browser. I am not going to upgrade to Apple TV 3.0 until ATV Flash 4 has the browser and probably Jaman. For over a year, I never used Jaman and a month after I opened a Jaman account, the upgrades happened and froze me out of the upgrades since they don’t support the two primary applications I actually use.

Couch Surfer Pro is now available for the 3.x AppleTV software.

The current version can be downloaded and installed directly on the AppleTV through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.