Couch Surfer 'mouse' locks up ATV (v3.2)

When I have a webpage open and switch to the onscreen blue mouse icon (by pressing play on remote) I am able to move the mouse cursor
but when I click on any scroll bar or approach the bottom of many pages the ATV locks up and will not respond to any commands, input. I end up having to unplug it and reboot.

I am using version 3.2.

Disregard, seems to have stopped doing this now.

OK, yours may have all of a sudden started working… but mine is doing the exact same thing. ATV 2.2 ,ATV flash 334

As soon as I start to move the cursor, it freezes the entire appletv. I have to unplug to reboot. This happens regardless of the website. HELP!

Anything new on this. Mine is doing the same thing…
It was after I put the coreaudiokit in the Frameworks folder too…

What version of Apple TV and aTV Flash software are you running?

The optimal versions are below

Apple TV 2.1 --> aTV Flash 3.3.1

Apple TV 2.2 --> aTV Flash 3.3.5