Couch Surfer is not supported in OS 3.0

Why do I get this error. After flashing ATV, I would like to browse some internet, how to install it?


Couch Surfer Pro is now available for the 3.x AppleTV software.

The current version can be downloaded and installed directly on the AppleTV through the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu.

Couch surfer works great. However i am not able to play any flash content on web pages.
I had downloaded and enabled the adobe flash plugin previously and today downloaded the couch surfer.
Is there something else that I need to do? thanks

Yes, unfortunately there is an additional step involved. The official guide can be seen here:

Hey fellas…

I tried moving that folder over and setting up flash, still no luck. Any thoughts?

I had already installed Flash previously, then I moved the core audio files…


yes, i moved that folder over too before i installed couch. I am using OS leopard on a mac and the instructions don’t talk about leopard, just OS tiger

Still no luck… I’ve re booted, and re installed etc…

Also… I’m running leopard, not tiger

I have the Tiger upgrade disk.
There is a folder called CoreAudio.framework but not the CoreAudioKit.framework. will the previous folder work for flash?

I installed the latest update and my atv is working fine except I cant get couchsurfer work.
I went to maintanence - install plugins and still couldnt get it to work.

Any suggestions?
Id like to get it working