Couch Surfer Feature Requests

Hi guys,

I know you probably have enough to do with keeping aTV Flash working and supported. What’s that, though? You’d like to hear some ideas for improvements to Couch Surfer? Oh, ok. Well, take these as suggestions that I’d be very grateful to see in a future release, but I want to underline this is simply a polite request :slight_smile:

[list][u]Navigation[/u] This is obviously the biggy. What would be great would be an app for the iPhone/iPodTouch that allows mouse movement by touching the screen of that device. A bit like the way VNC works from the iPhone. This would utterly transform the usability of CouchSurfer. I guess if the AppStore wouldn’t take it as an official app it could be made available to those miscreants with hacked iPhones.[/list:u]
[list][u]Search shortcuts[/u] Assuming the above can’t be done, a lot of the time we just want to search term X on a particular site (IMDB, RottenTomatoes, Wikipedia, etc). It would be great if we could just select “Wikipedia” from an AppleTV menu and then type the string we wanted into a box that was automatically in focus. I guess local HTML pages could help with that.[/list:u]
[list][u]Bookmarks[/u] Bookmarks are great, but we already have them on our Macs and PCs. Any chance of a PC/Mac-side tool to create the bookmarks.plist for upload please?[/list:u]

I appreciate time and effort are the issue with all of this, but hope this feedback from an end-user helps. Maybe others want to chip on what they’d like but I’d particularly welcome feedback from the CouchSurfer and aTV guys on the feasibility of any of this and what the future of CouchSurfer looks like.

Thanks for reading,


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Thanks for the input. :slight_smile: