Couch surfer crashes

Couch surfer has crashed two times on my had to unplug to get ATV back on line…please fix …i think there is another product available that may be on my ATV if you guys don’t get it together…

I'm also experiencing crashes from Couch Surfer, (from doing simple tasks like using "google search" I've submitted a diagnostic report.)

There's a big update for Couch Surfer that's just around the corner...let us know if the issue persists once this new version is released.

I've yet to experience the same style of crash that I was getting prior to the new update. (However is PDF supported? if so it loads fairly slow, I'm not sure if it's a bug or the Apple TV that's the issue if it is supported.)

Thanks for the feedback - I'll see if we can replicate the PDF issue on this end.