Couch Surfer auto-start

I’ve just upgraded aTVFlash to 1.5 running on an ATV2 5.0.1 and now I notice that Couch Surfer no longer auto-starts into a specific website. Is this a known issue?

You will need to reconfigure Couch Surfer in the settings for the default browser.


I’m not sure what you mean. I have set the settings to auto restart but which other settings are you referring to?


I thought Couch Surfer Pro is the only browser, where can I set a default browser?

After updating the Apple TV SW (if a backup was not performed) you will need to re-enable the auto-start feature. This can be done through the Browser --> Settings --> Auto-Start menu.

I have set up Auto-start as specified, and it doesn’t exhibit any autostart behavior.


When I reboot the ATV, it goes to the grid menu.

When I launch CSP, it goes to the “Enter Address” etc list menu.


What am I missing?

Hmmm…seeing that here as well.

We’ll take a look at this ASAP.

Thanks for looking into it.


Ideally, I would like to turn the ATV on and have it load a web page, without any user action.

Yep, that is what is supposed to happened, though it seems something has changed with new Apple TV SW.

I’ll post more info as soon as I have it.

aha, finally some acknowledgement of the problem.


It’s an important issue for me as I use some of my ATVs in a kiosk mode. 

The issue has been resolved on our end and an update should be available today or tomorrow.

Sorry for the trouble.

That is great news!

Would you mind posting an update to this thread when a new release is ready (so I’m not compulsively checking the ATV)?

The fix for this issue is available in version 1.6, which was just released.


Works :slight_smile:

Great! Sorry for the trouble.