Couch surfer and pop-ups?

Hey all. Just installed this and am loving it. Attempting to stream a hockey game through couch surfer. Paid the fee, I get to a page that says click here to launch. When I click nothing happens. On the laptop this click launches a pop up where the game is viewed. I’m sure this is pilot error. Just want to see if I am missing something in settings somewhere for pop up support or something along these lines. Thanks in advance.


Oh. No Flash. Fantastic.

Hello to all,
cant get flash working within firefoxapp. Tried serveral mediathek like ZDF, Redbull, ServusTV, a.s.o.
Have no Tiger CD… :frowning:

Actually I am within the 15 days testperiod of ATVFLASH.

Allthough flash is part of the Hack,I cant get the most interesting part of it working.

Any tips on this ha?


Just follow this guide, and flash will work:

Good luck!