Corrections not syncing to iCloud

Last night I went through 2000 items in my “Other” library on iOS and painstakingly edited their metadata. I was actually surprised that once one episode of a TV show with similar filename was edited, Infuse would actually match all the other similarly-named episodes. That was nice, and the only reason I managed to trudge through more than 2k items. That was enough for one night, though. I’ll begin another editing session when I have more free time to hopefully clean up the rest of the “Other” library.

I was under the impression that corrections will sync to iCloud. As it stands, Infuse is using 42.2KB of iCloud data (while total Infuse metadata on iOS is 2.11GB). Maybe that’s correct, as 2000 edits might only be about that size in plaintext, but I’m leaning towards this being an error, because my Apple TV still shows more than 3000 items in other. I expected those corrections made on iOS to sync with iCloud, and then get synced with tvOS, which would mean the “Other” library on tvOS would now be around 1000, just like on iOS.

Have I misunderstood how iCloud sync works, or is it not working?

The only change I’ve seen so far has been an increase in the size of iCloud data stored. It jumped from 42.2KB in my last post, to ~182KB yesyerday morning, to now this morning down to 86.2KB. At some point between yesterday morning and this morning, I lost 100KB of data, though I don’t know what it is. Ultimately, none of the corrections have been imported to tvOS, so what exactly does iCloud sync even do? Where are all the corrections? I still have 3k+ items in “Other” on tvOS, and only around 1400 items in “Other” on iOS.

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I really hope this is looked into and detailed some more, I did the same process and my iCloud infuse data is 28k. Not feeling very confident about matching things if they are not saving to iCloud.

I’ve held off on making further corrections until someone from the Infuse team chimes in.

Unless it has been changed in the latest versions, metadata does not sync between devices via iCloud.
What syncs is shares and login credentials, as well I believe as resume watching data. (but using does this too and better).

My solution for an issue similar to yours is to edit the file names so that they get automatically recognized on each device.
But it sure would be nice if metadata was synced between devices.

Metadata corrections are also supposed to sync. That means a metadata correction made on one device will sync to all the others connected to the same iCloud account. I’m not seeing this behaviour, though.

Editing filenames is fine if it’s just a handful of items, but not when it’s several thousand. Infuse does need to improve their metadata matching logic, because a tool like Plex, for example, matches all of these items. For reference, here are some discussions about improving metadata matching: folder names or file names

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@icepube, your answer was actually more thorough and cited the docs. Add it back!

Can I get some clarification on how this feature is intended to work? I’ve since went through another thousand or so items and corrected the matches on one device, but there’s absolutely zero sharing of these corrections between my iOS device and tvOS device.

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iCloud syncing is automatic, though there are a few things to check to ensure everything is set up to work correctly. A bit more info on these can be found here.

Also, 1000 mismatches seems like an awful lot. Would you be able to share a few examples of how these are named?

I meet all the requirements listed at that URL. I also have 200GB of iCloud storage, and use iCloud drive every day across all my devices.

I started with around ~3800 items in the “Other” library. It’s a lot, but I’ve also got about 22k items that were matched, if that puts it into perspective. In other words, about 15% of my collection does not find a match. As a whole, it’s not that bad. It could definitely be better. I’ve also mentioned my issues with matching in this thread (Library disaster - almost all TV Shows in Other).

I’ve mentioned here (Ambiguous metadata fetching - #4 by danemacmillan) that Plex matches based on a parent directory first, and then seeks information from the files contained within. Infuse does not do this, but I know if it did, it would bring that 15% no-match percentage down to about 1%. I would say almost all of the unmatched items that are in “Other” should actually be in the “TV Shows” library, but because the filenames do not contain the name of the show, just the season and episode number, Infuse does not match them as it only looks at the filenames themselves, which I don’t think is sufficient. It’s far more common to assume (enforce) that the parent directory of a TV show episode is a numbered season, and for that directory’s parent to be named after the TV show. The same should be true for movies, too. Assuming this kind of directory hierarchy is sensible, and I know would reduce the number of threads that are peppered throughout these forums regarding this issue.

I wouldn’t mind so much if I were able to manually match items after they’ve been exiled to the “Other” pile, but because Infuse does not provide metadata match suggestions for items outside of what library type it thinks it belongs to, I’m unable to match many of the TV shows, because only movies are suggested, or vise versa. I’ve described this bug in greater detail here ([BUG] TV show episodes appear in Movies library); to summarize it, though, even if Infuse does not find a metadata match, it still makes an assumption that it is either a “Movie” or “TV Shows” library type before tossing them into the “Other” library, which then restricts the metadata suggestions to the engine that’s bound to that incorrectly assumed library type. Essentially, there’s no ability to migrate an item from one library to another once it’s been set in this Infuse stone. I highly recommend having a look at the thread I described this in for greater detail.

I also wouldn’t mind it if after fixing that bug, and being able to match the items manually, that they would then sync those corrections up, but they do not, which is what lead me to create the current thread, because I have not experienced a sync to my Apple TV, or vice versa, from any of the thousands of corrections I have made.


I agree with the comment above, I experience that exact same issues. My manual corrections are not being synced from my iPhone to my iPad or Apple TV. Are there any ways for me to remotely submit logs for this?

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I painstakingly went through those 3800 items and renamed all the affected files over the span of a month, a few minutes every night. The majority of them were either missing the name of the show, or did not have a discernible “s##e##” pattern. What remains are 125 items in other, which are essentially “extras” from various shows and DVD releases. I’ll probably just delete them, but for the meantime, Infuse has matched everything that is relevant.

I figured after doing this, I would reinstall Infuse on iOS and point it to my data, assuming that maybe having all those corrections saved would make it easier when performing the initial match on a new device–as I have never seen a correction sync over if both libraries were already scanned.; each device would need to go through that tedious rigmarole of matching content. I always just suspected this was a shortcoming. So, it made sense in my mind that having a blank device would mean corrections that existed would be consulted at the time items get scanned in on a new device.

Unfortunately, that is not the case. After scanning in all my data on my iOS device, there are 1370 items unmatched. I absolutely matched every one of them, because on tvOS I only have 125 items in the “Other” library.

I have three suspicions. 1) There is a hard limit to the number of corrections that can be saved. 2) Corrections that are batch matched after correcting one episode are ignored and only the main file that was matched syncs up; typically matching one file will automatically detect similar files and correct them as well. 3) This piece of iCloud sync is just broken.

What do you think is happening?

My experience with Infuse is very good, but I get the feeling the team would see some of these issues if the datasets were larger during testing. I am ready to help in any way. Over email I would be willing to disclose more details about the data I have, like the number of items, names, and storage occupied, if it would at all help. Let me know.

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When you say you renamed the files did you override them via app or did you actually rename the file stored? I had similar issues when I simply overrode within Infuse. I was hoping for the changes to carry over to other devices but they didn’t, so I gave up on manual corrections. Whenever I notice that Infuse matches erroneously, I go into the directory and change the file name direcly for it to match the Infuse metadata standard. These changes will carry over to all devices without issues. That way I do not have to rely on icloud but only on the metadata scrubbing algorithm that Infuse uses.

I’d say about 2100 were actually renamed in the filesystem–not through Infuse. That likely explains why upon reindexing on a fresh device there were only around 1400 items in “Other” instead of around 3500. Those remaining items were manually matched (“corrected”) in Infuse, because while they had a discernible “TV Shows” “S##E##” pattern, their names were too obscure to match.

This only further confirms that corrections made in Infuse simply do not sync across devices. While your recommendation to rename everything is good, it only circumvents the actual problem, by not leveraging the touted feature at all. Syncing manual corrections is listed as one of the features of Infuse sync, but all the evidence points to it being broken: corrections do not sync.

Was this issue ever resolved ? I’ve had an Apple TV 4K for a while now and have Infuse Pro running on it. I have a large NAS to which I’ve ripped all my Blu-Rays to (>2000). I went through and manually fixed all the ones that were wrong. Recently, I bought an Apple TV 4th generation for use in another room. I installed Infuse on it, logged into the same Apple account and iCloud account on both devices and expected it to sync. Sadly, I saw the ‘iCloud sync’ spinner for a minute or so and then nothing.

I’ve looked at my iCloud account and there’s about 3GB of ‘Documents’ there. Since I’ve never used iCloud for anything else, I assume this is data from Infuse.

I really don’t want to have to manually edit all this stuff again (plus I just bought another Apple TV 4K as well).

Looking at all the threads related to this issue, I think there is something wrong.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated !

Welcome to the forum!

If you notice, this thread is over two years old and there have been tons of improvements to the sync function.

I have 4 ATVs (two 4K and two 4s) and the iCloud sync works very well. As long as you are sure to log into the same iCloud account on all devices it should be fine.

You can see how big the Infuse iCloud file is on both iOS and Mac OS.

On Mac OS go to System Preferences > iCloud > Manage > and there you’ll see a list of apps and their associated iCloud storage size.

On iOS go to Settings > Your account (first item under Settings) > iCloud > Manage Storage > there you’ll see a list of apps and their associated iCloud storage size.

Thanks very much for your reply @NC_Bullseye .

Yes, I realised after posting that I was reviving a dead thread - doh!

Anyways, I did some more digging. It seems that although both devices were logged into the same iCloud account, when I checked in the iCloud application, it only listed one of the Apple TV’s as being logged in. I went to the other one and logged it out and back in again. Then, it appeared in the app.

After that, I went back to the new device and disabled / enabled iCloud sync in infuse. It started syncing straight away and so far, it’s looking good :grinning:


Hi all,

I discovered this thread and would like to add, that I too have the same problem: Manual metadata corrections (by selecting the correct movie or series metadata in case Infuse can’t parse the filename).

I followed every advice here, but nothing helps.

Some basic information:

  • I’m an Infuse subscriber and using it on my Apple TV (4k) and my iPhone XS
  • For both devices I’m using the latest versions as of today (2021-01-27)
  • Both devices run on the latest tvOS / iOS
  • iCloud sync is active, both devices / apps are logged in into iCloud (other iCloud services work on the ATV and iPhone)
  • I have enough free space in iCloud (Infuse currently only uses about 400 MB of iCloud space)
  • I use a NAS (Raspberry PI) and ATV and iPhone both connect to it via SMB in the local network (LAN).
  • The sync of share-settings work between ATV and my iPhone.
  • I already logged out of my iCloud account and logged in again, on both devices
  • I deleted the iPhone app and reinstalled it. Everything syncs after the re-installation, except the manual changed metadata for movies or series in the “Other” folder of Infuse. Same for the ATV.

The problem is exactly the same as described above by other users:

I add a movie to my NAS. In the case Infuse can’t parse the filename, the movie is shown under “Other” in the Infuse library. I manually choose the correct metadata for the file (thetvdb or themovieedb). I let the iCloud sync running. Switching the device and letting iCloud sync running, the movie is still under “Other”, while on the other device, where I manually selected the correct metadata, the movie is now part of the Library with correct name, image etc.

It doesn’t matter if I manually correct the metadata for a movie on the ATV or iPhone: The “other” device just does not get the “corrected information” via the iCloud sync.

Are there any things left I can try?

Thanks a lot!

Does watched status sync between devices?

Do you have “Background App Refresh” enabled for Infuse?