Correcting filenames

If I download a file from Internet (YouTube or some other public broadcast site) or from my camera and I give it a name, for instance: Bolero, Infuse looks up a name from internet and gives that to the file, and I can’t change it so that Infuse gives the right name. It’s not so much that the lookup is bad or so, it is very convenient so once in a while, but just the fact that I can’t change it to the real filename that it comes with or that I have given it myself. So in Infuse I can hardly find my own files. That is really something that should be corrected, because I use a lot of files like that.

You can make manual corrections to the match Infuse has found by selecting the ‘Edit’ option on the video details page.

Alternatively, you can force Infuse to use only local/embedded info for some folders. To do this, long-press on a folder and select the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option.

The first solution did not work because only the Internet result was available, though it showed the original name.
The next one might work. I will try that. Thanks.

Seems to work. Need some extra tryouts but I’m hopeful :slight_smile: