Correct tvOS settings for high quality audio and downmixing

Is it possible to have a guide for the correct settings needed in the apple TV settings as well as the Infuse app for the highest possible audio quality when downmixing to 2.0?

I’ve tried to have a go at it but sadly without a proper diagnostic of the signal the only thing I can say for sure is that it sounds ‘off’. Recent movies I’ve watched seemed like they have a channel missing when downmixed, or the downmixing is not correctly normalized.

For what is worth I have a 2022 apple TV 4k, and the sound goes through an hdmi arc dac to a 2.0 speaker configuration.

Thank you!

Here you go.

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Ok, but how does this work in conjunction with the downmixing options in Infuse?
Do I leave it on Auto and then work with Infuse for downmixing?
Intuitively it should be left on auto and then enable downmixing in Infuse but afaik for downmixing in Infuse to work the setting in tvOS should be set to Stereo?

Leaving the Apple TV in Auto mode is recommended.

With regard to down mixing, this is handled automatically by Infuse and there are a few things you can adjust. For most, the defaults are ideal but you can change these, if needed.

  • Volume Boost - Disable unless you need more volume than you amp/TV can provide
  • Downmix Volume - Original (change to Normalized if you are hearing static in loud scenes)
  • LFE In Stereo Downmix - Enable if you want more low end sounds
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Thank you, James. I will give it a try.

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