Correct Metadata: Still having issues

I have two TV shows, both of which are Battlestar Galactica.  One was produced in 1978, the other began in 2003.  Here’s the problem.  Regardless of how I name the 2003 series, the media player and Library only pick up the information about the 1978 series, and apply it to the 2003 series.  They were both called Battlestar Galactica.

Library is also quite resistant to finding any metadata related to movies within the 2003 series (there was one to start it off, and one in the middle as well as the final “The Plan”)… It doesnt even see one of them at all, whereas media player at least manages that (Plex does too, I think)

Its frustrating, having the wrong metadata.  Trying to get metadata reloaded does nothing except product alternatives for the movies.  Trying to reload metadata for the movies does nothing at all.  I think I’ll move those into the TV section, maybe I’ll have more luck.  The main issue though is two series with the same name, one being a “reimagined” version of the other, and only the earlier version metadata being “seen”.

What to do now?

Further to this, I’ve checked naming conventions and its all done properly.  I’m guessing Library and Mediaplayer can only check for the first instance of a series in the database.  Any chance of having it check for remakes as well?  Its really frustrating.  Plex copes, and the Plex app in the ATV is not as good as the native one.  I prefer using mediaplayer or Library (for preference).  Library, however, does not see folders labelled “Specials” which is part of the naming convention as well, when a TV series has specials within it.

Any chance of an update to accommodate for these?

Can you post some file names?

Are you naming the 2003 version like…





Thanks, I had omitted the 2003, even though thats what I had as the title of its main folder.  Its odd, Plex picked it up OK without that (and of course, now, with) but neither seem to handle the specials well. So instead of putting those into a Specials folder as Plex seems to expect, I have put them into something called Season 0, and named them S00E01 (for theminiseries) 04 for Razor and 22 for The plan.  using seems to have got me sorted.  No idea how Plex will cope, but I am avoiding its use as much as possible in any case, that way the computer doesnt have to be on during viewing times.