Correct file naming for multipart / multidisc movies?

The Metadata 101 page is generally quite helpful, but I don’t see a suggestion on what filename convention to use for multipart (multidisc) movies. I’m assuming that having separate entries displayed for each part of the movie isn’t correct, but the file naming conventions I used with Plex don’t seem to be interpreted as a single movie or a collection. I’ve tried appending " - pt1" and " - disc1" to the filename (so, “Cleopatra - pt1.mkv” and “Cleopatra - pt2.mkv” for example). Is there some other convention I should be using, or is this just not supported? Thanks!

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Sorry but currently there’s not a method of handling multi disk movies. Many users will use one of the free video tools out there to join the parts into one and this seems to be the easiest in the long run. Sometimes a multi disk movie has been show on tv as episodes and may match in thetvdb so if it does, you can use the S01E01 or S01E02 after the name for each disk and it will pull the metadata that way but joining the files is usually the best approach.

Gotcha, NC Bullseye–thanks!

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