CoreAudioKit.Framework ??? where?

I have MAC OSX 10.4 install disks for my Macbook Pro, but I cannot find a file named “CoreAudioKit.Framework” on the disks. When I try to “Install Adobe Flash” from the Maintenance menu, I get a message that I need that file in the Documents folder on the Apple TV. Where can I get that file?

Thanks - Ted

Follow this step:

You need extract the file from OSX 10.4.10 Tiger (Intel)

work for me…

Install Steps

  1. Locate /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreAudioKit.framework

  2. If using the restore discs, you can use a software program called Pacifist to extract the required file.

  3. Using Cyberduck or WinSCP, transfer the CoreAudioKit.framework via FTP to the Documents folder on the Apple TV.

  4. On the Apple TV, navigate to Maintenance and select Install Adobe Flash

  5. Restart the Apple TV and Flash videos can now be viewed in the Internet browser