CoreAudioKit.framework trouble

Sorry to post this as I am having a terrible time trying to get the correct version of CoreAudioKit.framework to install on my AppleTV.

I have tried copying from a couple of friends mac/mac minis. when I copied and installed on the AppleTV it still would not work.

This leads me to believ that the vesrions I tried were not compatable.

I have now hit a wall with this as the only other option I have read is to buy a restore disk from ebay to get the correct version. I cant do this as I do not own a mac to extract the files from (I own a laptop/PC).

Does anyone have any other ideas or know where I can get download/the correct version of the CoreAudioKit.framework from?

any help is appreciated as I have been struggling with this for some time (espacially as I am not from a developer background).

Thanks in advance