copying new skins accross

Hi everyone,

i have just got my apple tv and have XMBC running on it. I would like to install the Aeon skin to it but have no idea where to start. I presume i need to either download straight to the apple tv or more probably copy accross from my mbp. I have download the font and skin as suggested. Now what???

Many thanks

First download the Aeon skin onto your local computer from It should have 4 folders and a couple of files. Go to whatever you’re using for FTP and create a new folder (or directory) named Aeon here: Applications/ Drag your new Aeon folders and files into that folder.

Now go to XBMC on AppleTV. It probably has Confluence of the default skin. Cycle thru the skin settings until you find APPEARANCE. Cycle thru the skin settings until you stop at Aeon.

Aeon will now become your skin.

I personally find that Transparency! is an incredible skin—very clean, responsive and not at all buggy. You can install/use Transparency! by using the same process you used for Aeon.

There are other ways to do all this including installing new skins thru the XBMC SVN Installer.