copying movies from ixpand flash drive


Just a question concerning ixpand (last version 64 GB).

why is it necessary to have an internet connection to be able to start a download from ixpand to ipad ?
before, it wasn’t necessary, and now without connection, it is impossible to start downloading. The circle process appears, but don’t start the count.
The only way i found, is to start reading the file directly from ixpand, and then the download start.

The avantage of ixpand is to allows copying files directly from infuse, when in travel, plane, train, and in this case no connection is available.

Is there a way for changing that ?


Interested in this as i plan on getting one of these to watch films on an 8 hour plane trip. I wont have any internet during that time.

The ixpand works perfectly in infuse, except this little bug. I use it yesterday in plane, and to allow copying files, in first i selected the movie, then start playing them, and at this moment the copy start.
That would be fine is this can be automatic