Copy media files direct from computer to external hard

Hi there!

First off, I just wanted to say thank-you – you guys did a fantastic job on putting this software together. The installation was a breeze, which I was very happy about. Everything is working smoothly as your installation video shows.


I used to use the WD Media Player. I would copy all media files (movies, TV, photos, music) directly from my Mac computer → External Hard Drive (drag and drop copy via USB connection). This was a fast process. (1 day)

With ATV Flash + AppleTV, the instructions says that I have to sync to copy all media files from iTunes (Mac Computer) → AppleTV (External Hard Drive used as Primary Storage) (via Wireless Network). This is a painfully slow process. (5-15 times longer! I have a 1.5 TB drive… At this rate, even with a fast and powerful computer, it may take me several days to a week to complete.)

When I did a test – to copy the media files direct from Mac computer → External Hard Drive (AppleTV primary storage) – drop and drop copy via USB connection. Then reconnected External Hard Drive back to the AppleTV, the files were not recognized.

Is there any way that I can speed up this process – to copy all media files to my External Hard Drive directly from my Mac computer via drag and drop USB connection, instead of Wireless Network (snails’ pace)?


Unfortunately an iTunes sync is the only way to get iTunes media onto the AppleTV :frowning: - However, if you’re able use a wired ethernet connection for (at least) the initial sync this will SUBSTANTIALLY refund the transfer time.


Thank-you! That was a helpful tip. I immediately plugged everything in with ethernet cables… much faster!!! geezes… But still not as fast as a direct USB plug into the computer for direct copying (faster and more stable). The process via wireless connection stopped intermittently at times last night. Hopefully, the ethernet cable will be much more stable for data transfer.

A million thanks! Please tell the developers I think they are geniuses. Please continue your great work to make Apple TV amazing. You have a new supporter. :slight_smile:

I use cyduck to copy the files to the external drive. If it is in the the itunes library, navigate to the library location and transfer it to your shared drive via Cyberduck. Copying a 1 gig video file takes about 3 minutes over my wireless n network. It seems much faster than syncing and Cyberduck keeps a log of your transferred files.