Copy firmware + software from one Atv2 to another ?

hello there…

i have a ATV 5.0 / 5.1 or what it is called…


Can’t make the season pass, I can make the newest atvflash from fire core, but still i get the iTunes logo on the tv screen, when I turn it on…


I have a another atv2 4.4.4, an this one works, and so on…


Anyway to copy the hole damn thing, to get my first atv2 work ??


More easy in the “old” days… Just run season pass, and then atvflash then it worked :S what the he** is going on :frowning: ! :frowning:

software is not portable from one ATVunit to another.

from your description of the 5.0 system behavior behaviour it sounds as if you are not doing the tethered boot stage via USB that is required any time you power on or do a hard reset.   The need to do this is the downside of a tethered jailbreak.

As itimpi said:

iTunes logo and USB image shown after Jailbreak is complete and Apple TV connected to TV… what gives?!? 

Damn, why is this so ??


New software, but the season pass can’t handle it :frowning:


Can’t event downgrade with season pass, I use to do ??

Yes it can. If you read the thread I linked you to you would see the steps to boot the device. This is called a tethered boot. It requires the assistance of a computer to help boot the Apple TV.

If you have saved your SHSH Blobs you can downgrade.

Don’t thing I have :frowning: got damn


where to find if I have ??


Running osx bye the way