Copy files to ATV2's flash?

I’m going on a trip and was thinking of bringing my ATV2 with me. Is it possible to copy video files into the 8GB flash in the device and watch them using media player?

You can SSH or SCP into your ATV2 and copy files into /private/var/mobile/Media

The files will then be accessible from Media Player; you’ll have to browse for the folder. I daresay you could put the files anywhere but the above location is the most suitable location to store media files.

Thank you, I’m going to experiment.

I realize the internal memory is for buffering streaming files, what do you think would be a safe amount to use up? If I used up 5GB, would that cause problems streaming files or using Netflix?

I would think that 5GB would be OK. I would clear out your ATV2 cache first - you can get a lot of unnecessary stuff clogging up the device. Uninstalling programs you might not have access to while away (if you don’t have wi-fi for example) might help free some space. You can always re-install things later.

The location of ATV2 caches should be somewhere in the following thread on the XBMC forum:

thanks again

FYI - I regularly copy files to the internal memory; it means I don’t have to have my computer switched on to watch a movie or TV episode. It’s particularly useful for me because I only have a G router and it can struggle with streaming high-definiiton mkv files. Playing them from the internal memory gives me less problems.

Have a nice trip!

I can browse to this folder from Media Player, but as soon as I add a share, the local file system option disappears. Is there a way to have both a local file system and “Saved Shares” at the same time? Any one else have this issue?

In case anyone else runs into this, I figured it out. I removed my “Saved Share”, added my “Local folder” as a favorite, added a new “Saved Share”, and added the “Saved Share” as another favorite. Both favorites now show up in the main Media menu.

I posted a comment that I thought it was a mistake to hide local folders after adding a share. Hiding local folders is listed in the changelog for aTVflash but I don’t know why this was considered a good idea.

Your workaround is a good suggestion but it is still that, a workaround; It shouldn’t really be necessary.