Copy files from USB harddisk to AppleTV


I wonder if there is any way to copy files fast from USB disk to AppleTV.
If I use cyberduck and the USB is connected to the ATV, I get this error:

200 Zzz…
250 OK. Current directory is /Movies/_FILM_DISK/EMMAS FILM
RNFR Askepot
350 RNFR accepted - file exists, ready for destination
RNTO /Movies/EMMAS/Askepot
550 Rename/move failure: Cross-device link

And the file do not exist in the destination folder.

I can copy from USB connceted to Macbook, but this is wireless and slow.


I would use SSH via Terminal. The user name and password are frontrow if you did not know. You IP address will be different. The commands you would want to use is:

ssh frontrow@
cp -Rpv /Volumes/USB_DRIVE/Movies/MovieName ~/Movies/

USB_DRIVE would be the name of your USB Drive. A trick in Terminal is when you you want to type a name of a file/folder you can type in the first couple letters of a file/folder and then press Tab. For instance in the above example you can type /Vol and then press Tab and Terminal will fill in the rest of that folder/file name. You will see the status of the copying and it will return to a command prompt afterwards. I know it can take a little bit of getting used to the Terminal, so if you don’t feel comfortable then don’t do it, one mistyped command can cause issues. If anyone else has a better idea, please post.

Fantastic !! It works. Thank you very much.


Sounds great... But how do you then make a command in terminal that copy all the content of a folder on the external USB drive to the moviefolder on the ATV ? (So you dont have to manually ad every single file)



can you use . instead of Movienames? to make it transfer all movies?