Copy files from PC to AppleTV via Ethernet cable

Is it possible to copy files from my PC to AppleTV using a crossover cable ? Ive linked my PC to the AppleTV using a crossover cable, setuped my PC as and my AppleTV as . I can ping the AppleTV from my PC, but i cant connect using FTP or SSH . Any ideas ?

Try using your AppleTV’s name instead of the IP address. For instance my AppleTV’s name is AppleTV, so I can use AppleTV.local instead of the IP address. I’m not sure if I can do this on my Mac due to Bonjour being preinstalled on all Macs and if so then the PC won’t be able to use the name unless you install Bonjour for Windows. I don’t see why it’s not working for you, but I also don’t work that much with Windows.