Convert iFaith shsh to Cydia shsh

I am trying to JB my 4.3 ATV. I saved the .shsh via iFaith locally and the samae iFaith saves the blob on cydia.


But when i try to get the .shsh from cydia server via tinyumbrella it shows that blob is not present. Same is the case with seas0npass which cannot find it on cydia.

Is there a way i can convert my  iFaith blob to .shsh on cydia?

I am in the same boat - 



iFaith doesn’t saves blolbs to Cydia server it saves it in iFaith server, to use them you can use Seasonpass 0.92 on a Mac by using right click on create ipsw and select your 4.3 ipsw, check that there are 3 diferent versions 0f 4.3


To upload blolbs to ifaith you have to use version 1.51 or 1.52 of iFaith version, higher versions sometimes hangs up on saving blolbs.