Control4 Integration

Could someone please write a driver that when I go into Control4>watch it puts an Infuse icon in there. When I click it it just automatically opens the infuse app on my system Apple TV. Infuse is the collection management tool I’ve been looking for, just want it to be easier to access!

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This isn’t going to work. Opening apps on the AppleTV would require Apple to provide something. This is a tvOS issue. You might have better luck in the jailbreak community.

AFAIK the only company that has a working control4 is Zidoo

AppleTV doesn’t support Direct app (mini apps is what control4 calls it) like Android and Roku’s do. Personally I don’t find that style of much use, I’d rather hit the home button and switch apps. the mini Driver setup is just a clunky way of doing it to make people that are used to Cable and Satellite boxes happy. Plex, Zappiti and many others have Control4 drivers however.

I think a Control4 Driver for the MacOS app would be a great idea. There’s two options a basic driver that just allows on screen navigation and a more advanced driver that allows direct media selection using your Touchscreens, neeo remotes etc with cover art and all. Both will require the infuse pro app on Mac OS to have an API to support this.

I might be able to make a basic driver only using Automator and the keyboard shortcuts coming if it fully supports operation in by a keyboard only.