Control TVOS Infuse from IOS


I prefer infuse to plex in every single way except for one.

There’s one thing Plex can do that to my knowledge infuse can’t and it’s something I find terribly useful.

I use a projector so when I just want to listen to something like my surround sound mixes of Dark Side of the Moon or Wish You Were Here for example I tell Siri to open Plex on my ATV4K. Then I open Plex on my iPhone and I can navigate the TVOS Plex using my iPhone and what I play back is not “cast” to the ATV4K but it’s played directly using the ATV4K.

Maybe this can be done and I just don’t know how to do it. If I could do this with infuse (I bought 6 Pro standalone for now) I would have no need for Plex (Aside from the fact it’s actually tremendously useful as an organizer of a library for infuse.)



iOS (not Infuse but native iOS) has a build in aTV remote app. Wouldn’t this solve your issue?

That’s just a remote. What he’s looking for is a “second screen” feature. Infuse on iOS would pickup that infuse on atv is running. You could then pick the media to be watched on your tablet/phone and it would start playing natively on tvOS infuse.

This would really be awesome.

Yeah, its called “use the Apple TV remote”. Why would you need to be in same room with a phone, and not just use the apple tv remote already available? Sounds like a scenario that does not need fixing.

Second screen is actually quite handy. I’ve used in on plex quite a bit. The Apple TV remote is kind of a turd and apples remote app is just as bad. It’s nice to be able to quickly scan your library on your phone, pick a movie, and have it play natively on the AppleTV

I would love that too!
Another use case is: I have an iPad connected to a TV via HDMI in a hotel or in another home of mine. I would love to select a movie from my iPhone and play/pause from it!

Agreed it would be nice to browse on a handheld and then choose to play on tv. Nothing against the ATV app, just in general it’s easier to navigate on handheld. Another app that does this is Channels (getchannels). If the app is open on ATV, you can browse on iphone/ipad, then select a channel to watch and are given the choice to play on the handheld or the ATV that is open. Could be handy if having a movie night with multiple people when choosing what to watch.

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