Control size ( shadow - outline ) subtitles


Please take care of the virson
of the program on Apple TV (because the most enjoyable viewing is on TV because of the large screen size, not on the iPhone). Likewise, the iPhone has many players … but Apple TV … Infuse is the strongest

We love Infuse, it’s our favorite program, and we’re all dedicated to improving it

And Apple TV was bought for Infuse… because it is not available on Android TV

But we want more control options, for example … control the size of the shadow and control the size of the outline

We also want a counter to control the font size, not small, medium, large, or larger… but a counter in a free form

Look at the vlc app on Android TV // You can freely control the shadow, outline and other things

Also, do not forget the option we asked for, which is present in all players (writing the name of the movie manually for subtitles - adding a direct link to play the movie, not just iCloud)


Infuse remains No. 1 :+1::+1:

We want the next update on Apple TV Many things added and a huge update, not just simple fixes

What is the reaction of the members and your opinions?