Continuous Playback in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) Mode

Auto-play next Episode:
When watching a TV series in PiP mode, please have Infuse auto-play the next episode just as it would in full-screen mode. I usually watch something while working out on my bike trainer, and detest interrupting my workout to switch to Infuse to select on the next video, switching it to PiP mode, than switching back again to my workout. And since many series are 22 minutes, I find myself doing this multiple times during long workouts.

4K content and/or HEVC/x265 support for PiP
Not sure if this is feasible on current generation Apple TV 4K hardware, but even 1080p content is unplayable in PiP if encoded in HEVC/x265. Are these an oversight, or just a hardware limitation?


While doing Zwift cycling workout, I enjoy using Infuse to watch TV episodes in PiP and when the episode ends, the only way to continue watching the next episode is to switch back in Infuse, load the next episode, switch back to Zwift and which hopefully didn’t quit my workout (which ofttimes happens). I would love to see a continuous playback as the default option so that it will automatically start playing the next episode in the series (and even the next season).

I just want to play RuneScape on my phone and watch a show without having to change screens every episode

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Have you tried setting Continuous Playback in the Infuse options under playback?

You could also create a playlist and have that continuous play I believe.

I’d really love it if picture-in-picture could auto-play the next video in the folder. I’ve had a play with AVQueuePlayer in Xcode and it definitely works with PiP for MP4 files. That said, I don’t know what kind of witchcraft you’re using to get MKVs to play in PiP :sweat_smile:, but hopefully it would still be compatible with using AVQueuePlayer to control auto-playing the next video. Cheers!


Do we have any updates regarding auto play/continous playback while Infuse in PIP mode. I am also Zwifting and would like to have this functionality. After episode ends, Infuse just exits and Zwift runs as intended.

Continous playback in settings is enabled ( ON )

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