Continue Watching - Truncated

With the 7.3 update, continue watching/upnext no longer has the option to see more. So I only get a limited number of shows. Could you please add this back?


Are you talking about the “Up Next List” top row on the home screen of Infuse where it says “Watching”?

Yep that’s the one. It used to let you select more and have a separate screen with a complete continue watching from my plex server

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I recall giving this feedback during beta feedback. 15 shows is hardly enough bandwidth for most TV watchers…

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Could you count how many you are seeing in the watching list?


I just verified with Infuse 7.2.1 that the “Up Next List” only shows up to 15 of the “Watching” and up to 15 of the “Recently Added” and there is no “See All” option at the end.

But on deck pulling from Plex was unlimited and did show the more at the end, now it’s been amalgamated into continue watching with it’s 15 limitation.

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Plex wasn’t mentioned by the original poster in the first post.

Meaning I should open a new thread for a similar issue? And then have it combined into this thereafter? Com’on… :rofl:. The fundamental issue remains. 15 shows are inadequate…

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I am using a plex server. This has really ruined the usability for me so I’m now back using the shield :frowning:


In addition to the issue mentioned by OP, the change to merge these lists made me stop using Infuse. I highly dislike it and switched back to Plex for now.

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Now that On Deck items appear in the Watching list we realize the 15 item limit is too low.

We’re working to expand the Watching list for one of the next updates. Probably 7.3.2 since 7.3.1 has already been submitted to Apple.


That’s great to hear. Thank you!

Any chance we can have the new layout as an option? I greatly preferred the top row being items I was in the middle of, with a separate row of On Deck. While I see what you were going for, this new layout is not acceptable for me, and most importantly for the WIFE. As such we’re now using the Plex client. :man_shrugging:


I was hoping for this as well, but @james mentioned elsewhere that it’s a Plex change, so neither Infuse nor the Plex clients will have it going forward.

Ah. Well. Hopefully the removal of the 15-item limit will make it usable. :crossed_fingers:

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I thought I’d bump this old thread instead of making a new one as I have exactly the same query. The limit appears to have been increased to 20 items now as that’s where my up next stops.

Is there any reason why it is limited at all? I have 35 items on my plex on deck and only 20 show in infuse.