“Continue Watching” Equivalent

Plex has “Continue Watching” to quickly show you the next TV series episode. What is the equivalent to that in Infuse Pro?

“Up Next” (with “Watching” enabled) seems to generally pick up TV series I’m in the progress of watching (some episodes marked watched, some remaining unwatched).

Though I wish Infuse wouldn’t be so quick to add items to the Up Next list; as any accidental selection of a video title, even immediately canceled, gets moved to Watching; even if only the first second of the file was played. I’m constantly having to mark such files “watched” and then “unwatched” to get them ejected from that list, due to dodging remote responsiveness.

At a minimum, any file played less than five seconds and immediately exited should never be presumed to have been intentionally selected and added to the “Watching” list.