Continue playback across seasons

I have to agree with @yatesfox . I tried the thing with the playlists, but there are to many steps for it. It’s not only to create one playlist, you also have to add all seasons afterwards.
Autoplay the next season should just work, without any configuration.

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@strwht The worst part is, and I find this with a few things Infuse related, is that only the two of us are talking about this specific issue. So it would appear that it’s a very niche and minor issue. However, I am confident it would impact a lot of users. But they may never query or post about it. So this will just get swept away. It’s the same thing with the ‘like’ system on Suggestions, great suggestions that would impact many, many users get lost due to not enough user base probably caring enough to trawl through it and like them, so they drift away. But some of these minor tweaks and changes would be hugely appreciate by most, if not all, users. But hey ho. It is what it is. We’re not in abundance of great Apps like like on AppleTV, so you just have to keep paying your money to subscribe and lump it. :slight_smile: