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I’ve created another post regarding this suggestions:

Maybe you can like this post as well.

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I am kind of disappointed, that this “feature” (in my opinion this is not a feature, it should be standard) is still not available in V7…
Every time when I finish a season, I have to go back, open my library, search my show, search the next season, play first episode…

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@james , any news on this (simple) “feature”?
This really impacts my daily use of this app…
And we didn’t heard from you since 2018, I mean, come on…

I have a suggestion for Infuse to make a bit more user friendly when watching TV Shows.

When watching episodes in a TV show, if I finish an episode the next episode is waiting at the top of the Home Screen. Even on following days after its been turned off etc.

But if I finished a season it doesn’t recognise the next episode should come from the next season.

It would be nice if when finishing a season finale the first episode of the next season is automatically added as the next episode to be played.

Is this something that could be added in please?



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I don’t understand, why this is seemingly impossible…
For me it’s just a normal “feature”, that should just work…

When we have 1 season open. Below cast and crew I guess we should have option to choose next season so once we are finished watching one we can choose next from below instead going through all folders to choose the specific season.

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I use the “Watching” list on top of the Infuse Home screen all the time (tvOS). One thing I find very tedious is that Continuous Playback will not work across seasons, as opposed to when playing from the Library. This means that when I watch the last episode of a season from the “Watching” list, I have to remember what season I watched and then go into the Library to start the next season.

All streaming apps I can think of have continuous play across seasons from their “continue watching” list. Hope to see this seamless feature in Infuse.

Grats on 7.4! The improved TV series details page with all seasons inside is so useful and more “normal”. And the fixed “Recently added TV shows” list is a blessing. A great release! :star_struck:


This is queued up for an upcoming 7.4.x release. :slight_smile:


james, you make me so happy! :smiley: Thanks!

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This is now available in today’s 7.4.2 update. :smiley:

With Continuous Playback enabled, Infuse will automatically start the next season when you finish the last episode of the current season.


This is awesome

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Hi @james ,

since I have been waiting for this for a very long time, I tried it out immediately.
From my “Currently Watching” list I played the last episode of a tv show. When this show ended, the playback just stopped. I’ve checked the settings, but all related settings are enabled.
Is there anything to consider?

You can follow this topic regarding Up Next.

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What does it mean?
In which case does the next season automatically play, when not from the one I currently watch?
I don’t really understand.

It works when starting playback from any other section, except up next. :slight_smile:

Hm… I don’t want to be rude, but i think it doesn’t make sense…?
Or have I not considered something?


I agree. I’ve been finding a lot of the places I access tv shows from aren’t showing the season links on the details page. I can see zero reason why they shouldn’t be accessible everywhere.


I just thought about it again.
So this new feature is only available when you watch the show until the last episode of the season in one session?

I must admit I’m a little confused about this too!
Wether what we seem to have is the end goal or if the whole thing is happening in stages (which is fine.

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