Continue playback across seasons

I’d like this as well

First of all, I know there are some suggestions about this feature.
There are some post about this in 2014 - so 6 years ago!

When I binge watch a tv show and watch the last episode, it stops. I have to manually go back into that show, into the next season and play the first episode.

I really don’t understand why this is not implemented by now. I think it is not that difficult to add this “feature” from a software development view.

@james Please give a feedback on this, thank you!

This is honestly one of my favorite features of Emby, my wife loves being able to put on a wholesome nostalgic TV show and for it to play all day while she works around the house with zero interruptions.

I’d love for this to be a feature in Infuse and would really push me over the edge to purchase the lifetime license.

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This is doable now. Just navigate to the series folder you want to play all of (not the individual folders inside the series folder) and press the play/pause button on the lower left hand side of the remote. It will say “Looking for Available Videos…” then it will give you a screen with the options to “Play”, “Loop”, “Shuffle”, and Cancel.

Press “Play”
That will start with the first video of the first season and continue through the season and then on to the next season without you having to do a thing.

It will stop when it has played all of the episodes. If you want to go into the “Numb Brain” mode and keep repeating the series over and over automatically, just hit loop instead of “Play”.

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You, my sir, have just earned Infuse a lifetime purchase! Being able to aggregate all the different media sources I’m shared has been amazing. Especially direct play literally everything no matter mobile or otherwise. I only found Infuse because I switched from a decade of Android to iPhone to try it out and so far it’s been great!

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Glad you’re happy! You’ve picked a great time to come over from the dark side to the Apple ecosystem. You’ll enjoy the lifetime subscription and the not having to worry about it in the future. :wink:

Lot’s of great things coming in the Apple os world and Infuse has some great things coming too. Check out what’s on the drawing board now.

Whaaaaaat? Why didn’t I know that lol?
I will try it at home, thanks!

Okay, this is a first step into the right direction, but not the best solution.
I also some of my TV shows several times (like King of Queens etc.), but I don’t always start from the beginning. I just go into my favourite season and start watching. Your way does not help me to play the next season automatically.

This is a feature I didn’t know existed either, but as it force starts from season 1 episode 1 it’s kind of limited for usefulness. However, if you could do the same thing from the season folder, and it picked up from where you left off and then continued on auto-playing the next episode then THAT would be a great feature!

Have you tried doing the same thing but instead of navigating to the season folder you go to the season you want and do the same thing? Not where I can test it right now but it should do it I think.

I tried pressing the play button on the actual season folder but it doesn’t work (no options appear for play, shuffle…). From there you go in to episode level and there’s no option to do it (on Apple TV). I want the ability to easily select on the fly when to auto play next episodes as it’s not an option I want on globally all of the time.

Is that where and how you mean, or am I misreading?

Okay, I think I figured it out.

Navigate to the Season folder, long press on it using the track pad not the play/pause, you’ll get a list of options one of which is “Playlists”, Create Playlist, name it, navigate back to Playlists in the Library, add to favorites, navigate back to the home screen and you should have a new favorite with the playlist name you assigned, THEN press on the play/pause and it should get you want you want. Wheeeewww. :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion, it is appreciated. This doesn’t really help as there’s too many steps to maintain what should be a one click feature.I don’t want to keep creating playlists for all shows that I want to auto-play next episodes on the fly.

I’d happily lose the Mac build altogether if they focused entirely on making the AppleTV/Phone/ipad build a lot more rock solid. There a wealth of features that Infuse could really do with to make it what it can be, and I fear they’re all on the back burner now so that it can be brought to the Mac.

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There’s actually only one step to create a playlist for this

This will place a playlist in your Library.

The rest is explanation and how to get it on the home page which is nessasary for any playlist to be placed on the home page. The rest is details for others who may not understand the way Infuse works.

No problem, and again thank you for the help. It’s a workaround, but not the desired method. I don’t use Library for a number of reasons, flaws, and frustrations, so it’s a none starter for me.

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I have to agree with @yatesfox . I tried the thing with the playlists, but there are to many steps for it. It’s not only to create one playlist, you also have to add all seasons afterwards.
Autoplay the next season should just work, without any configuration.

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@strwht The worst part is, and I find this with a few things Infuse related, is that only the two of us are talking about this specific issue. So it would appear that it’s a very niche and minor issue. However, I am confident it would impact a lot of users. But they may never query or post about it. So this will just get swept away. It’s the same thing with the ‘like’ system on Suggestions, great suggestions that would impact many, many users get lost due to not enough user base probably caring enough to trawl through it and like them, so they drift away. But some of these minor tweaks and changes would be hugely appreciate by most, if not all, users. But hey ho. It is what it is. We’re not in abundance of great Apps like like on AppleTV, so you just have to keep paying your money to subscribe and lump it. :slight_smile:


Yeah, right? I mean, this should just be possible.
This suggestion only got 17 likes, so I think we just have to live with it… :confused:

I’ve created another post regarding this suggestions:

Maybe you can like this post as well.

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I am kind of disappointed, that this “feature” (in my opinion this is not a feature, it should be standard) is still not available in V7…
Every time when I finish a season, I have to go back, open my library, search my show, search the next season, play first episode…

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