Continious Loading Screen

Hi All,


I have 2 ATV2’s bother with ATV Black installed they both work fine while my router has an internet connection from the service provider, if the connection between the service provider and router is lost all i get on my ATV’s is loading while trying to access my shared files, the computer holding the shared files and the ATV’s are all wired to the router, surely i should still be able to access and stream my shared files with out an internet connection to the router?

Is there something i am doing wrong?


Hmm, which version of Apple TV software and aTV Flash (black) are you using?

Both the latest versions

I have the same problem independent of where (iMac, MacMini, NAS) I am streaming from. It is getting really irritating (complaining wife, grandchildren) that I am thinking of switching to some other hardware.


Same here on my TV Shows folder - Loading… (for about 2 minutes and then everything loads)

Latest ATVFLash and latest ATV Version it can run on.

This too upsets my wife! Getting tired of ATV issues - thinking maybe ROKU is the way??

XBMC does not have such problems.


I installed XBMC with Quartz and skin and this gives it all the same perfect look as Front Row/Infuse does. A 2nd advantage is that when using Favorites the wife/grandchildren (in case they got lost in the menus) simply press ‘Menu’ and they always end up at the favorites menu and never in the topmenu.