Context menu for Direct Mode

I often used the Files tab to delete whole seasons after watching them by tapping and holding a show or season and deleting from the context menu that popped up (see screenshot).

This does not work any more. There is no context menu now. I have to delete every single episode.

The context menu still shows up when holding items in the Home tab, but that tab doesn’t show everything, so it’s not a good workaround.

The new season view picker is also quite a step in the wrong direction as it now takes 2 taps instead of one (with the old season thumbnail selector).

Are these bugs or intended changes?


The context menu when browsing media shares directly will be re-added soon.


Thanks, James! Glad to hear this.

Also, just to clarify, I’m using Library Mode, not Direct Mode, in case this was unclear. I see you edited the title, but maybe your answer is also relevant for Library Mode when browsing in the Files tab.

It would apply to both Direct and Library Modes when browsing directly via the Files tab.

These options are still available when using the Library to browse files, when Library Mode is active.

What am I missing here? Is there no way to mark a season as watched or do you have to do it for every episode?

On the ATV version if you long press on the season poster when browsing the favorite you can mark as watched or unwatched. (not in the library view)

Also this… :wink:

I’m on 7.7.2 and long pressing on the season poster is doing nothing? I’m direct playing (not with library turned on).

How are you browsing to these shows?

Long-pressing on a series/season is available to mark as watched/unwatched when browsing using the Library categories or lists on the home screen, but this is not currently available when browsing a media server directly via folders (but will be added in an upcoming release).

I simply do a search for a show. Go to the show. See all the seasons, then try to long press on it. I am using direct play, so no library.

It’s broken for direct play. Only worked for me when I was in library mode (pre-direct play update).

James…can it be fixed?

Looks like it may be part of the 7.7.x release.

(Plex direct mode) The long-press context menu only shows up when the item is located on the Infuse home screen. Holding down the center button on ATV or long pressing an item under “favorites” does nothing (ex. the entire th-show library from a Plex server). Same if you select “show all” from a row on the home screen. It would be nice that the contect menu is active anywhere and not only items on the homescreen.

Yes. This is very odd behaviour.