content type changing

I am trying to change content type of a  folder named TV Shows from the default (movies) to TV Shows. But the change does not happen is stay set to default movies content type.

Find the folder, while it’s highlighted hold the select button. When the drop down list appears, scroll down to TV Shows under Content Type. Press the select button again, button 5 in this image:


Thank you for your instructions, followed them to the letter but the change does not take place… I see the check mark move to the TV Show option but is does not stay. It goes right back to the default movie option, when I check to insure that the option is set to TV Show

Does it do that for all folders or just one specific folder? If its just one, I’d create a new folder and try changing its content type. If that works, move all your files into the new folder you made. If its all folders, I’d submit a trouble ticket.

Yes it does it for all folders…

Weird. I’d submit a trouble ticket by clicking Support at the top of the page, then Submit a Request.

I will do that thank you for you help

No problem hope you get it figured out!

Hmm - very weird.

Which version of AppleTV software?

Can you try the new 1.5 version that was released today to see if the issue persists?

Issue solved, needed to clean apples cache.