Content Rating from Other Regions

All of my films have the UK content rating scheme (U,PG,12A,12,15,18), my TV Shows on the other hand, don’t. I have changed them in Plex to match the UK content rating scheme, but for some reason Infuse doesn’t want to change. It’s not that it doesn’t work, as I’ve changed some of my movies and it changed instantly, but with my TV Shows, its stuck on the US rating scheme and it drives me nuts…

Did you change it for every episode? Also did you do an edit metadata for the tv show after you changed it?

I don’t think they will update until you refresh the metadata.

Damn, I changed the whole series but didn’t go into deeper episode changes. Considering the specific show I want to change has 145 episodes… I think I’ll just have to let this one slide… damn

Did you try a few episodes just to check if that would work as you wanted?

Yeah, doing it episode by episode seems to work. Thanks

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