Content in playlists disappears

I’m pretty distraught now because the contents of my playlists are disappearing without me understanding why.

I have the content stored in OneDrive, and Infuse pro version 7.4.10 (4329) on both tvOS and iOS. The content even syncs from iOS to tvOS before it suddenly disappears again. Content from playlists I created a little longer ago does not disappear.

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into filling the playlists, putting the content in the right order, etc. It looks right when I’m done, but then suddenly the content disappears again. I have tried to put inn content several times. Don’t have time to do this over and over again.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what is going wrong?

Of course, I have iCloud sync activated, and enough space available in iCloud.

Will it be safer using Collections instead?

Just trying to figure out what the commonality could be to cause this, could you count the number of videos in the playlists showing this problem to see if by chance there may be a common maximum limit on what Infuse can show?

Possibly try dividing one of the playlists that has missing items into two (Playlist A and Playlist B) and see if the same videos come up missing?

One last test I could think of is to take one of the problem playlists and as you asked, create a collection with those items and see how it looks to you.

I can try everything you suggest, but I don’t like it when I don’t understand the logic.

Why do the videos sync correctly, then disappear?

Why doesn’t the content of playlists that I created a while ago disappear?

The content is still in the favorite folders, so it is not the case that Infuse does not have access to the content.

I agree, that’s why I try to figure out if it’s repeatable and if so, what is common. The logic comes from finding the symptoms that are present when it happens.

This was going to be my next suggestion, try creating a new duplicate playlist that has the exact same content as the original one that shows no problems and see if the new one is as stable as the original one. It may be something to do with the first scan of a playlist and not being rechecked later.

Just trying to figure a way to recreate it so the devs can fix it. :wink:

I will try different things and report back.

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Unfortunately, the same thing happens again and again. There is nothing special about the videos disappearing. These are completely ordinary files of which I have many.

Strangely, all but one of the files disappear from the playlist. The same thing happens every time. The playlist looks normal for a while, but then it’s gone again.

This makes playlists useless to me. I can’t put a lot of work into playlists that suddenly lose their files.

It would be nice if Firecore could check out this issue.

Fortunately, putting the same files into a collection seems to work.