constant reboots

Since the latest updates to maintenance the ATV2 is constantly rebooting. I don’t think it is the latest firmware. Everything was fine (with the latest plex installed) until I updated the media player and maintenance. Now I have constant reboots and the ATV2 is basically unusable. I hope someone understands what is going on and has a solution. I will try uninstalling the latest updates. Any help is appreciated. 

I am having the same problem. It worked for a while, then it suddenly started rebooting all the time, and access to my nas was denied. I have allready tried to restore it with seasonpass and atvflash, but no luck. Any solution yet?

Mine is doing this also. Any fix?

I just reinstalled it again. I didn’t restore the settings backup. I only installed media player, nito and overflow from nito. Restarted it. It wouldn’t start up after that until i unplugged and plugged the power again. It has now been working for about 10 min. I don’t want to try and log in to netflix again. The troubles seemed to start, when I did that the last time. Now I hope it stays stable.

I used terminal to ssh into apple tv, did an update and upgrade and it seems to have sorted. Stable now and working fine.