Constant reboots after update?

Hi folks. Yesterday I factory reset my atv2, updates to 4.3, broke it with the latest season pass,then installed latest ATF flas and now I am getting reboots frequently. Anyone else? Know how to fix?thanks.

I just purchased firecore yesterday, and installed it for the first time on my aTV black which was updated to 4.3. So far I only installed the weather and add-ins. In the 24 hours since I installed firecore my aTV has locked up multiple times, and had to unplug each time to reboot. This is very annoying, any suggestions?


Ditto. In the middle of movies or music, the atv2 will reset and not load. Need to unplug it to get it to work again. Frustrating to say the least.

Great. I guess I should feel good about not being the only one? I new I shouldn’t have upgraded. Moderators?

This does not seem to be a common scenario so it is not clear why you should be seeing it.

It is always worth having a go at resetting everything to standard Apple firmware and repeating the JB process.   You would think this would not help but I have seen a number of reports where for some mysterious reason issues disappeared when this path was taken.

It is also worth following the firecore procedure for submitting diagnostics and a bug report (process is in this forum sticky) to see if FireCore can resolve why you in particular are getting this problem.

I submitted a ticket already.  I would redo everything, but that’s exactly what I just did and now I have the problem. 

'Same problem here.