constant reboot after install weather option.


I have been using flash on my atv2 for a while now without issue.  However today I decided to install the weather option from the maintennance menu.  After install, atv2 told me that it needed to restart.

Now the atv is constantly rebooting, and i can’t get into the thing.


Is there a way I can now remove/disable the weather option via SSH?



I’m also having this problem. Not sure if it is related to the Weather option, I did have it installed but then removed it. That was quite a few days ago. Today my ATV2 is stuck in a reboot loop. Please can some respond with advice.

This issue appears to have resolved itself somehow during the night whilst the ATV2 was unplugged. Plugged it in this morning and it booted up just as it should. Baffling. Hope it doesn’t occur again!


EDIT: Looks like I spoke too soon. Just taken the box back upstairs and after plugging in I get the reboot loop again. I wonder if this is something to do with installing the boot into xbmc. I can’t uninstall it right now as I can’t SSH in. If I get back in I will uninstall it and see if the problem reoccurs.


EDIT2: I left it in reboot loop for around 5 mins while tunnelier was trying to SSH in, after a number of failed attempts it finally logged in at just the same time that my daughter squealed from upstairs “It’s on!” :slight_smile: