Constant problem connecting to server dialogs if network shares become inaccessible

Current setup is Infuse 7.6.4674, macOS 23B92. Issue has been around for years though, not a recent regression.

I’ve had a longstanding issue with Infuse on Mac which is that you get constant dialogs about problems connecting to a server if you have played content from a network share that is no longer accessible, for example when using Infuse on a laptop away from your home NAS.

You can reproduce this by playing a file on an SMB share partly in Infuse, then close Infuse, disconnect from the network, and then open Infuse. It won’t take long before the dialog displays, and it will continue to display repeatedly, forever.

This issue can be fixed by deleting com.firecore.infuse.inProgress.plist inside the app container. This file contains bookmark data and URLs for files that haven’t played to completion.

I believe issue stems from the following:

2024-01-20 20:46:09.373009-0800 0x154cadb Activity 0x7168951 5779 0 Infuse: (CoreServicesInternal) CFURLResolveBookmarkData
2024-01-20 20:46:09.375280-0800 0x154cadb Default 0x7168951 5779 0 Infuse: (libxpc.dylib) [] [0x6000034fc0f0] activating connection: mach=true listener=false peer=false
2024-01-20 20:46:09.379323-0800 0x154c938 Default 0x0 5776 0 NetAuthSysAgent: (loginsupport) [] Process 988 is sandboxed and is allowed to mount a shared volume.
2024-01-20 20:46:09.379390-0800 0x154c938 Default 0x0 5776 0 NetAuthSysAgent: (loginsupport) [] Mount URL: request A3A8AED5-F1C2-4624-AB2A-A1D02F37918D from ScopedBookmarkAgent (988)
2024-01-20 20:46:09.379419-0800 0x154c938 Default 0x0 5776 0 NetAuthSysAgent: (loginsupport) [] URL = smb://brandy@QNAP451._smb._tcp.local/Brandy
2024-01-20 20:46:09.379940-0800 0x154d1b9 Default 0x0 5776 0 NetAuthSysAgent: (loginsupport) [] Session created
2024-01-20 20:46:39.386874-0800 0x154d1ba Default 0x0 5776 0 NetAuthSysAgent: (loginsupport) [] GetServerInfo failed 65
2024-01-20 20:46:39.388787-0800 0xc8e Default 0x0 204 0 mDNSResponder: [] [R1218276] DNSServiceCreateConnection STOP PID5776
2024-01-20 20:46:39.421050-0800 0x154cb6b Default 0x0 5794 0 NetAuthAgent: (AppKit) [] Window _NSAlertPanel 0x134f08170 ordered front from a non-active application and may order beneath the active application’s windows.

So upon launching Infuse, something (presumably Infuse app code) is trying to resolve bookmarks for these in progress files. This ends up opening some Apple XPC service to handle this, which tries to resolve the bookmark and so tries to mount the SMB share, producing the NSAlert dialog when it’s not possible to connect back to the SMB share because it’s off the network or you’re off the network.

Arguably this dialog posting in response to something non-user-initiated is an Apple bug, maybe worth a FB/Radar.

On Infuse side though, it’s unclear to me if the repeated occurrence of this dialog is due to Infuse repeatedly trying this process, as I am not very familiar with macOS app development. Also unclear to me is what Infuse could do to mitigate this problem, but hopefully something could be done to not re-attempt resolution of the bookmarks that fail the first time after launch, or given that Infuse is persisting the URLs alongside the bookmark data, there could be a way to first check that the volumes are still available before attempting resolution.

Also, if this is a tricky problem to solve, it would be helpful for users who use a NAS on certain networks via a laptop, and so encounter this issue when away from home, to have an app setting to just disable bookmarking and tracking of in-progress files altogether to work around this. I have all iCloud settings disabled, disable up next, disable resume playback, etc, etc, but am still subject to the bug so I must delete the plist every time I leave my network.

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