Constant deletion of cached data with a big Plex library

I’m opening this thread to separate the issue from the conversation in Infuse lose all my metadata randomly (marked as solved)

I know that tvOS deletes data from applications when the Apple TV is out of storage space, and that Infuse repopulates this data from iCloud. I know that there’s no way to permanently retain the cached images and data.

The problem is that in my case, with a big Plex library, I’m losing this data constantly. ¿Is this an issue with Plex interaction? If not, I’m starting to think that the current Plex/Infuse architecture is not good enough. Losing all cached data several times per day makes Infuse almost imposible to use.
¿Is Firecore aware of this issue? ¿Would be a solution caching less data when we use a Plex server (only on deck, favorites images, home screen data, etc)?

Thanks in advance


Generally, Infuse is pretty efficient with the cache space it uses, and what usually causes this is other apps who use the Apple TV’s space a bit less efficiently. Do you have a lot of other apps installed…or apps that may cache a lot of data (some IPTV/DVR apps do this).

One thing we’re planning to looking into is advanced iCloud syncing options, which could help speed up how quickly this data is recovered if it’s lost in the future.

Thanks James, I appreciate your answer. A faster recovery will be welcome, but I’m afraid it will not be the solution unless total recovery time is under a few seconds. Maybe if it recovers the home screen almost instantly it will be enough. But I would prefer having a “small cache” option to minimize the problem.

I’m only using a few streaming apps, the usual suspects: Plex, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and Apple Music. Maybe one of these is the culprit.

After a couple of months using Infuse with my Plex library I’m now convinced. It’s imposible to use with a big library and the small Apple TV. As soon as Infuse ends reloading the metadata, everything is deleted again. Even the custom images in my favorites.
I’ve ended creating a few smart playlists in Plex with the recent added content and configured them as favorites in Infuse. As Infuse reads the content of playlists in real time (not caching them), I can start a movie without long waiting times. The rest of the interface is almost useless to me :frowning: