Constant buffering + sudden stopping on Xiaomi MiBox with 1080p media

Hello! I’m using Xiaomi MiBox S (1080p version) and it seems to freeze frequently when i cast my 1080p media from infuse on my ipad (local, not cloud streaming, h.264, mkv) to my tv. Both MiBox and Ipad connected to the same wifi network (5Hz). I’m using an LG TV from 2015 (sorry, i can’t remember the exact model). Infuse casting media with lower resolution just fine though. It also freezes when you change the source back to ipad. Tested with various files. It would be nice to have some kind of solution to this. Thank you!

Why don’t you use an HDMI adaptor with your iPad to connect to your TV directly, skipping the MiBox shenanigan?

Also, try casting 4K HDR YouTube to MiBox and see if it works. It’s probably the AirPlay capability of MiBox that is causing the issue, not Infuse. That would be my best guess.

Thanks for suggestion! But I bought MiBox to avoid having any kind of cabels/adapters really. Because i’m kinda restricted in my movements, it would mean i have to keep my ipad either very close to my tv, which i can’t always access, or to have like reeeally long HDMi cable to be able to freely manage my media on my ipad at any time, which is also not very convinient. Also I just tried casting this video from my Mac to MiBox and it worked just fine, without any lags or reconnecting. With infuse it’s always kind of trial and error situation