Constant Buffering Problems

I have been trying to use infuse for a while but am being plagued by constant buffering problems. When I use my nas directly as a Source, it is unwatchable and buffers ever 5 seconds. When I use Plex as a Source it is better but not very consistent, sometimes it will play the entire movie while other times I it buffers constantly as well.

Is there a fix for this as I would like to use infuse.


This may be related to the Wi-Fi signal of the Apple TV. Have you tried using ethernet to see if that changes anything?

Hi James

Yes I am using Ethernet on both my nas and Apple TV. I have tried wifi as well. I am able to stream the same files through the Plex app.

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Well in that case you might try Wi-Fi, as the max speeds are higher. :wink:

We haven’t experienced any issues with Ethernet in our test setups, but with the virtually limitless number of variables in the network pipeline anything is possible. Also, unlike Plex, Infuse will not transcode to reduce quality if/when needed.

Wifi is the same story unfortunately. Most of the time Plex direct streams the video ands converts the audio. Any ideas?

Hmm, ok.

Your best bet would be to send in a report from your Apple TV and open a support ticket so we can look into this further.

I have the same problems.
Only difference is, that i’m not streaming from a NAS, but directly from my PC (Windows).
I’ve setup my library exactly like you (Fire Core crew) have shown in the setup guides.
It’s really odd…Maybe it’s the latest tvOS update…or latest Infuse version?
Any ideas?


It might help if you follow Jame’s post above and send in a report immediately after experiencing the problem. That will give them a bit better insight into what may be happening.

Problem solved.
I’ve now taken my NAS (WD MyCloud) into use again. Connected it to the same router, wired, as my ATV 4 (also wired)
Had the exact same problem. Hmmm…unwired the ATV4, and went for wireless on that.
Now it works like a charm - fast and fluid streaming from my NAS.

I have experienced the same issues since the last update. I have found a solution by adding the NAS as a UPNP device.
With this configuration I have been able to watch fullbluray movies (35gb) withouth buffering issues.