Constant Buffering on Titles from OneDrive

Hello everyone,

I have my library on OneDrive and lately I’ve been noticing super long buffering times for all of my titles. I am using the latest version of Infuse (confirmed by reinstalling app on Nov 13) on an Apple TV HD.

Whenever I load a 1080p MKV file, the video starts instantly but right at the 30 second mark, the file starts buffering. Sometimes the buffering will stop after a few mins but then start again and other times, it just keeps buffering forever.

I downloaded the Speedtest app on my Apple TV and confirmed I’m getting around 300 Mbps down. However, when I use the “Speed Test” function in the infuse app under Settings > Drives > OneDrive > MKV file - the speed starts off at a good speed but then immediately tapers off right after and within 30 seconds the “current speed” just drops to 0 Mbps.

Here’s a screen recording -

I’m not sure if this a known issue with OneDrive throttling usage or is this an issue with my app configuration. Any help I can get on this would be greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the forum. Infuse just released a new version with networking fixes. Try that and let us know.

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Hi munpip214,

Thank you for your prompt response. I was able to update to 6.5.4 but now the issue is considerable worse. The buffering starts near instantly after the title begins and doesn’t stop. This happens for every title now.

I ran the Infuse speed test again and now the it doesn’t even start off with good speed. Speed just hovers between 0.00-0.82 Mbps.

I’ve submitted diagnostics from the app: 7FJ8V

Thank you for your support!

Welcome to the forum!

Do you have a local server that you can compare speeds with? That would help to determine if it’s OneDrive being slow in serving or a problem with your settings.

How is your ATV connected to the network? WiFi or Ethernet?

Edit to add: Also what do you have the “Streaming Cache” set to in the settings?

I don’t have a local server I can compare the performance with at the moment but as a troubleshooting step I uploaded one of the files I have on OneDrive to Google Drive and there is a massive leap in performance and no buffers at all.

Running the Speedtest within Infuse on Google Drive gets me speeds above 300 Mbps but OneDrive still fluctuates drastically between 0.8 - 12 Mbps. (Speed test was run on the same file on both platforms)

My Apple TV is connected to Wi-Fi and by default my Streaming Cache was set to Auto, I’ve tried toggling it to legacy but the issue persists.

At this point I am fairly certain the issue is with the OneDrive integration considering I don’t see any buffering issues when using Google Drive.

With those differences I’d tend to agree that OneDrive is the culprit.

I had a couple of my friends try on their end and they don’t seem to be having this issue when using OneDrive.

Are there any troubleshooting steps you can suggest?

Thanks for your help!

With cloud streaming, your physical location and internet provider can have an impact on streaming speeds.

It may simply be a case of the Google Drive node being more accessible than the OneDrive node. In cases like this, there isn’t much we can do to improve things on the Infuse end.

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Hi. I have the same problem.
On a Apple TV 4K, in the speed test app I get 100Mbps, but inside infuse, when I test the speed on OneDrive, I get 0,2Mbps.

I agree that can be a route problem with the ISP.
Can anyone provide me the host that infuse connects to stream the videos? The host and the port will help to analyze and identify the problem.