Constant Buffering on Infuse with Blu-ray quality files


I am getting constant buffering in Infuse on my blu ray rips and am hoping someone knows how to fix this? Infuse cannot get 3 seconds without buffering for about a min. The files are stored on a NAS drive and both my NAS and Apple TV 4 are connected via ethernet. I can direct stream in Plex and play them in VLC with no buffering at all.

Same here, getting problems I didn have on the ATV4 running older versions of Infuse.

Currently running ATV 4K, streaming from Synology NAS over WiFi (steady around 180-200 Mpbs). Doesn’t matter if I use SMB or NFS, enabled SMB 3 on my NAS. Works better with NFS but getting “spinning wheel” every 30 seconds or something.

Same movie (same WiFi network, same distance from AP, same network speed) works on my iPhone X using Infuse. Bitrate around 55 Mb/s