Constant buffering of mkvs on ATV4K

I’ve tried two different shares, one SMB and another NFS (via an external HDD connected to a Raspberry Pi). No matter what I get buffering. Also doesn’t seem to make a difference on file size or bitrate.

The same files on the same share play flawlessly on my TVs built in Android TV and also with no issues on a FireTV in a separate room.

Any ideas?

Are you using a wired or wireless connection?

Would you mind sending in a report from your device so we can look into this?

Wireless - the AndroidTV I mentioned my initial post is also wireless. I’ll try and get a report submitted next time I have a free moment.

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I’ve submitted a support ticket.

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Sending a report ticket in as well. Having the same trouble with success with Android players and not the ATV4K

This should be greatly improved in the upcoming 5.6.9 version. :slight_smile:

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