Constant buffering of 4K Videos on iPad


My setup:
Synology NAS → Ethernet to Wifi Router → Wifi to iPad Air 2022 (NFS protocol used)

Lately (past 3 months) Infuse has been extremely slow in loading movies and has serious buffering issues with movies (especially 4K ones). The playback always stops approximately every 3 minutes to buffer. After 20 seconds playback continues until it stops again to buffer after 3 minutes. This keeps on going on and makes Infuse pretty much useless at this point.

I have run a speedtest for 10 minutes and get constant 150 Mbps, which should be more than enough for 4K. Thus I assume the issues is somewhere with Infuse or the iPad. I’ve tried playing with the Streaming Cache options, sadly to no avail.
Has anybody had similar issues or any ideas how to solve the issue?


Can you provide a screen cap of the graph from the speed test?


If you let the test complete to 100% are there any more down spikes that go below 120?

Seems it drops a few times, however not every 3 minutes as in the case of actually playing the video:

I had buffering issues while still on Wifi, then switched to cable (1Gbit) and everything was good.

Now, cannot say from which version on, UHD-/4k-rips, buffer again after 30 to 50 seconds for exactly 15 seconds.

Tried the legacy and memory setting as well: same behavior. I have 6GB left out of 128.

What else to try?

Since this thread is nearly a year old you may want to start off with telling us what version of Infuse and maybe give the results of a speed test in Infuse along with a screen cap of the graph from the speed test. let it run for the whole movie if you can, at least several minutes.