Consistent buffering

Hey there,

I love the layout of the infuse app on my ATV4, and would really love to continue to use this to watch all my content on my tv.
However for awhile I’ve been having buffering issues with the app that can sometime just be intolerable. My set up isn’t crazy by any means. I’ve sharing content from my MacBook HD as well I have a Time Capsule, with an additional attached HD connected through USB.

I’m wondering if there are any things I can do to improve the playback of infuse while viewing my content.

Thanks guys

There is a myriad of things that could affect your playback such as network issues, file types, compression used on files, etc. In order for some of the great folks here to try to help you out you may want to list things like what kind of network connection your using, specific file and type, etc. to give a better starting point to make suggestions for you.