Considering Upgrading, got questions

   Hi there, I see we got an update for thether 5.3.  My ATV is currently jailbroken and when I check settings general about it shows 5.0.1. SO my main questions is…

  1. What is the advantage or disadvantage to ugrading. Any major big fixes, and downfalls to say plex or XBMC which I mainly use.

  2. Ive never gotten a clear answer on this before. K, so the way I got my atv setup right now is awesome and the way I like, IF i decided to upgrade, I’d have reinstall all my 3rd party apps, Nito, XBMC, pPLEX, etc, corrent. Or is there a way to back it up and restore. If so I would LOVE to know how.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I’ve slowly been picking away at the web to answer these questions but hopefulyl soemone is willing to help me out. Thank you very much in advance